Our Story

Open cotton field, A warm breeze, Peace within and Contentment.

Anise is a medicinal plant also known as ‘Star anise’ or ‘चक्र फूल’, the tree of Anise in Sanskrit is called Anishuna – ‘The Tree of Stars’.

Anishuna – The Cottony Affair, is a sustainable clothing brand. We bring you the best quality of cotton, handprinted by our artisans and we use vegetable dyes, which makes our products best for the skin and environment. Cotton is a natural fibre that is easily decomposed. The clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries, to make bulk clothes, plastic or synthetic materials are used. These clothes take more than 100 years to decompose.

Our Karigars put their heart and soul to create beautiful patterns on fabric. We design clothes that are connected with the Indian roots yet advancing with the new you.

Anishuna started in 2020, from Indore, a city in Central India, a state that produces many sustainable fabrics such as Batik, Bagh, Maheshwari and Chanderi. Bherugarh a place near Indore where it all began to take a shape of a brand, we then started exploring and reached Bagh. We then moved a little further to the state of heritage and culture in Rajasthan and included, Dabbu, Bagru, Bandhani and Jaipuri hand block prints.

Our Vision

To become an international brand promoting sustainable clothing and living. We aim to build a strong community that uplifts the artisans by appreciating their hard work and dedication.

Our Mission

We plan to include handmade prints and handwoven fabrics from across India. We are committed to being sustainable and supporting Anishuna’s vision. We believe in a zero-waste policy. All the remaining cloth pieces are used to make clothes for kids in orphanages. By reducing plastic in our clothes Anishuna takes steps to stop global warming. Join us in our mission.

The Beginnings

Our Business head, Akanksha Goud is from Indore. She has studied Master of Marketing at UTS, Sydney, Australia. She has worked closely with various industries as a marketer in Telecommunication, FMCG, Events and Not-For-Profit organisations. After gaining experience with major companies like Huawei Australia and P&G Australia she decided to return to India and set up a business that is community driven and sustainable. After great research and findings, she decided to build Anishuna. She is the founder of an NGO ‘The Anishuna Welfare Organisation’ and she aims to provide help to the artisans and their families. With every sale, by you contributing to our organisation, you help us provide better facilities to our artisans, their families and the children in orphanages.

The real heroes

The people who have been with us in this long journey of a small idea to a startup, our real heroes and the artisans of our country.